Hillsboro Wrestling Remains Undefeated at Season Mid-Point

In the quest to be the best, the Hillsboro Hawks mow down Liberty (Wentzville) and Lindbergh, putting their undefeated streak at 14 duals going into the Winter break. But they know that there is much more work ahead in a long and grinding season.

All three Hillsboro Hawks Wrestling teams were in action on Wednesday, December 23, taking part in the Liberty (Wentzville) quad event, which also included Lindbergh and Timberland. The Boys Varsity squad competed in duals against Liberty (Wentzville) and Lindbergh, while The Girls Varsity team went against Liberty (Wentzville), Lindbergh and Timberland. The Junior Varsity team also competed once,

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Hillsboro Wrestling Remains Undefeated at Season Mid-Point
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