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The goal of Ameritime Sports is to put the spotlight on high school athletes. Every single article, photo and video is built around the students’ experience. We do this by either attending events or receiving information from coaches before composing articles and pushing them out later that week. All of the information and coverage can be found on the Ameritime Sports website.

We pride ourselves on covering sports with student athletes as our main interest. By providing the athletes a platform, we have gained so much knowledge and respect for the kids in our communities.

Ameritime Sports works closely with the coaches and staff at each participating school. Feedback from them gives us the information we need to bring these articles to life. When the collaboration expands to the coaches AND players… that’s when these stories really come to life.

With nearly 2,000 published articles, we at Ameritime Sports consider ourselves a powerhouse in the area. We have five schools under our belt (with a sixth on the way), and guarantee a great read; equipped with streaming video and photos of all the local action.

Some call it a “$4.99 highlight reel” of their child’s most memorable moments. We just think we bridge the gap between the players and the fans by giving the glory to the athletes themselves. When we ask THEM the questions, we give the public a glimpse of their reality… and their reality is the game.

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