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Ameritime & Streamline Sports Welcome Remax’s Traci Palmero into the Fold

Traci Palmero of Remax Best Choice partners with Ameritime & Streamline Sports for the 2022 Fall season.

Traci Palmero of Remax Best Choice in Festus, Missouri has been a force in the real estate community for the last seven years, and we are proud to announce she has partnered with Ameritime & Streamline Sports. Helping over 400 families reach their financial goals, Traci’s ties to the community are unparalleled, and we’re thrilled to help her get the word out.

Throughout Traci’s career as a Realtor she’s always believed that the foundation of happiness within a community is a creating a strong connection that rallies around the future of the area. That sentiment is noted here:

“It is important to me in this process to build relationships, and understand the goals of the people, so I invite them into my extended family when we work together. That being said, I couldn’t do this without my team, who is the heartbeat to my success.”

Traci fits with Ameritime & Streamline Sports like a glove, primarily because she attributes high school extracurricular activities as being a part of what molded her into the person she is today. That and her close-knit ties to the community.

She passionately feels “sports and extracurricular activities help growth in a person’s life. There are so many life lessons learned by being a part of a team that works towards the same goal. It helps our youth discover things that they enjoy, which allows them the tools to become successful in their future professions.”

Looking back on those days, Traci feels she needed these kinds of opportunities to come out of her shell. She truly believes that if she wasn’t a part of outside clubs or sports in high school she wouldn’t feel comfortable talking to groups of people, or be able to lead a team to professional success by setting goals for them.

Traci, as a lot of us do, fondly remembers the impact of her past, and that brings a natural connection to what we do at Ameritime & Streamline Sports. After reading the articles or watching the games or videos we provide, she recalled on her past sports connections, saying, “I miss the days of seeing the marching band take center field. The days of the crowd cheering wildly when there’s a touchdown. The days of us parents bonding in the stands.”

But if there’s anything to know about Traci, it’s this… her passion to support our youth in any capacity she can is paramount. For Traci, supporting Ameritime & Streamline Sports, in a general sense, brings back a special connection to the best times of our lives, the memories we won’t ever forget and the relationships we’ve built along the way.

Yet, it’s our determination that Traci’s true drive in life is to help the kids that need it the most. The ones that might not have the chance to experience the great times we’ve all probably taken for granted, which is why she donates a portion of her monthly income to Children’s Miracle Network, a charity that is specific to local St. Louis area Children’s Hospitals.

After witnessing firsthand how the donations can have an effect on the kids in our community, she feels blessed to be a part of the #CMNhospitals team.

And Traci said it best, “When you change a kid’s health, you change their future.”

To get in contact with Traci for any real estate related needs, or anything involving her charitable work you can contact her at (314) 803-6245, shoot her an email at or stop by at 1510 Parkway W, Festus, MO 63028.

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Connect through sports with Ameritime & Streamline. Ameritime & Streamline Sports Welcome Remax’s Traci Palmero into the Fold

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