Ste. Gen Golf Excels at Farmington Invitational

The Dragons Golf squad finishes 10th out of 23 teams at the Farmington invitational and shoots a season-best 341 as a club.

On Wednesday April 5th, the Ste. Genevieve Boys Golf Team placed 10th out of 23 teams at the Farmington Invitational. The team shot the best they have all season so far with a total score of 341, a whopping 41 shots lower than their previous  mark of 362.

The team not only played their best overall round, but did it in extremely windy conditions and after a two hour rain delay. The golfers were mentally tough, and it’s exciting to think what this team can bring this year.

The lowest of the group was Aiden Boyer, with a total score of 78, and he had the best round of the season for the Dragons. A fantastic finish on the front nine tallied him at just one over par, and he was locked in the entire day. Boyer ended up being 1 under by the 13th hole, and got there by having one of, if not ,THE best shots of the season. He ended up holing from 60 yards on the hardest par three of the day to secure a birdie. His next two holes didn’t go as he wanted, but he was able to bounce back and par the hardest par four hole to secure his 6th overall place and earn a medal. Boyer played excellently in the awful conditions of the day.

The next lowest was Gavin Huck who shot an 80. Gavin was also a medalist tying for 15th overall place out of a total of 116 golfers. He was extremely consistent today, shooting 40s on both the front and back nine holes. Huck’s overall play was excellent with some great shots on the day, including some fantastic recovery shots that secured him par several times. He at times became frustrated with his play, but he was also able to recover and do well. Hole 17 was one of his best bounce-backs after his drive didn’t go as expected, puting him in the native grasses. His recovery shot didn’t go as far as he liked, but he had an excellent third shot which put him pin high to the right of the green. He was able to chip in and one putt to secure the bogey.

The third best round of the day for Ste. Gen came from Jayden Rhinehart. He tied for 32nd overall out of 116 golfers, and ended up shooting an 84. It was his best 18-hole round of his high school golf career. He was also able to hole out from 60 yards just as his teammate Boyer did. Rhinehart’s effort was on a par five for an eagle and his best accomplishment as a Dragon. He had a tremendous attitude throughout the poor conditions of the day and was able to put together two of the best nines he’s ever had as well. He ended up shooting a 43 and a 41 with only two double bogeys, five pars and one eagle won the day.

The next lowest was Carter Burr with a 99, placing him 94th out of 116 golfers. He had excellent tee shots and had a good first nine shooting a total of 45, while finishing the ninth hole with a birdie. Burr struggled a bit on the back nine, but he fought and stayed in the 90s overall. He was able to finish strong and have a decent short game throughout. There was some difficulty on hole 13, which put him in a tough spot where he had to hit left handed, but it ended up working out extremely well for him. Even though the hole didn’t go as he wanted, there were some great shots involved.

Finally, Jeremiah Kunz tied for 102 out of 116 golfers. He was consistant with a 52 on the front and a 50 on the back. Kunz’s strength on the day was his approach shots. He was able to get close to the green when 150 and under and got two pars on the front nine. He shot better overall on the back nine to help his score and had a great attitude during the entire round.

This Ste. Gen golf team continues to make strides with every match and should be commended on setting their lowest score in this invitational.

Ste. Gen Golf Excels at Farmington Invitational
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