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Where We Started, How We Work and Our Plan for the Future

When we started Ameritime Sports a couple years ago, we didn’t always know where things would take us. We did know one thing; if we put the spotlight on the student athletes and provided districts coverage they didn’t know was possible, then we’d have something special.

With nearly 2,000 published articles in our first two years, we want to continue our mission of providing unmatched coverage for the student athlete. Our first couple years were an experiment to see if this idea would truly work, and during that time Ameritime Sports was a privately funded entity that wasn’t bringing in any revenue. As we discovered the platform was a great success, we decided to build a subscription-based model to make everything better than it has ever been before.

Due to the fact that we have never asked for or received any funding from the districts we cover, we felt a modest subscription fee was the best way to keep Ameritime Sports a high-functioning local service for years to come. With the subscription fee we wanted to be able to create more value for the athletes, and your support allows us to do that.

The goal of Ameritime Sports is to put the spotlight on high school athletes, districts, and communities. Every single article, photo and video is built around the students’ experience. We pride ourselves on covering sports with student athletes as our main interest. By providing the athletes a platform, we have gained so much knowledge and respect for the kids in our communities.

Ameritime Sports works closely with the coaches, staff, and athletic departments at each participating school. Feedback from them gives us the information we need to bring these articles to life. When the collaboration expands to the coaches AND players… that’s when these stories really come to life. Where We Started, How We Work and Our Plan for the Future

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