Ste. Gen Golf Shines in First Tri-Match Victory

The Ste. Genevieve Golf program excels in their first Tri-Match of the Spring, with the Varsity taking first place and the JV squad finishing a close second.

The opening tourney of the 2023 Golf season for the Dragons kicked off on Wednesday 3/22/2023 with a Tri-Match involving Ste. Genevieve, Perryville and St. Vincent. In a fantastic turn of events, the Ste. Gen Varsity took first place and the JV squad finished a close second in their match.

Below is the breakdown and total scores for both squads, with the Varsity up first.

1st – Ste. Genevieve- 172, 2nd – St. Vincent – 189, 3rd – St. Pius – 246

The Varsity team came out swinging, and had the lowest overall scores on the team. Aiden Boyer and Gavin Huck both tied with a score of 39 to become the individual medalists of the tri-match, with Huck taking first overall after a scorecard playoff.

Huck’s 39 featured a fantastic two-putt on hole 10 to make par. He had about a 50 ft. putt he put within three feet from the hole to then sink it for par. He had only two bogeys in the round and shot par on all of the other holes. Gavin’s pars did not come easy, as he had to have excellent recovery shots. He was able to put a punch shot from the trees onto the green to save par on hole 15, and played with excellent course management all day.

Boyer’s 39 was of a different sort. He had five bogeys on the day, but was able to knock in two birdies and two pars to keep him under forty. Aiden’s goal for the day was he wanted to break 40, and he did just that. His best shot was on hole 15. He was about 100 yards out, and he was able to hit the back end of the green while having enough backspin to put it about a foot from the hole. He grabbed his second birdie of the day on that hole.


Jayden Rhinehart was next up with a 45, which was the product of a bounce-back match. He had some excellent chip shots to help him save par a few times, but Jayden’s best shot didn’t come from a driver or a mid iron. It came on hole 18 where he was in a tricky situation behind 18’s green in some tree trouble. He was able to put it on the green, giving himself about a five foot putt, which he was able to drain for par.

Braden Huck also had a bounce back match shooting a 48. Braden had some fantastic drives today, which helped him play close to bogey golf. He also played a much better short game, helping him get within great two-putt or single-putt ranges on the greens. He had an excellent tee shot on hole 12 which helped him shoot a par on that hole.

Jeremiah Kunz was next up with a 49. Jeremiah has been extremely consistent hitting a 49 in both of his home matches to start the season. He has great mental toughness and was able to battle through a migraine to help his team take home the win. He battled on his first few holes, but bounced back to help his score with a birdie on a par three. Fantastic recovery shots today helped him to stay in the forties.

The next lowest score was Carter Burr with a 54. Carter’s strength in this one was his long game. He was able to put himself within striking distance on par fives all day. He had excellent shots on every hole, and is getting better at his short game each round. Carter’s best shot was on Hole 11 where he had a 300-yard drive.

And the JV:

1st – Perryville – 223, 2nd – Ste. Gen – 233, 3rd – St. Vincent – 246

The lowest scorer on the JV squad was Aiden Roth with a 54. Aiden had a great showing and shot one of his lowest rounds of the season. His best hole was on 11 when his second shot was inside of 100 yards.

The next lowest was Landon Thompson with a 57. Landon had an excellent shot on hole 12, puting him right off of the green. He then had a great chip from the bottom of the hill onto the green for a two-putt bogey. Landon has had great mental toughness through his first two matches.

Madden Wolk was next with a 58. Madden had a great par on hole 10, which is the second hardest hole on the back nine. He had several good shots to help him stay in the 50s, and has shown great potential while he continues to work hard and fight for every stroke.

Finally, is Connor Grass, who shot a 64. Connor had a tough couple of last holes on the day, but had some great mental toughness, and some excellent shots during his round. His best shot was on hole 17 where his driver put him a tough situation, but he was able to have an excellent recovery shot, putting him in a great location for his third.

It sounds like all the Ste. Gen golfers are really swinging the sticks this season, and there seems to be no evidence to the contrary that they will continue to do so. Ste. Gen Golf Shines in First Tri-Match Victory

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