2020 Senior Spotlight

Chaytin Lea Pursues New Challenges After Ste. Genevieve Football

Chaytin Lea is not sure what his future holds yet, but he can be sure that he has played his last down as a Ste. Genevieve Dragon.

It has been a crazy year in general, let alone for the Ste. Gen Dragons.  After a slow start, they bounced back and finished the season strong, and accomplished a win in the playoffs before losing to undefeated Kennett.  Throughout the season, the Dragons’ defense showed their heart.  One variable that can be associated with that was the play of senior Chaytin Lea.

Lea played 6 games for the Dragons and had 7 tackles on defense.  He contributed a huge 45-yard pick-six this year as well. It is unknown whether or not he will continue his football career in college, but we will be seeing him on a playing field again.

Q: How did you get started in football? 

A: I got started in football in 8th grade I was a huge soccer player then I moved to Ste. Gen and wanted to play multiple sports.

Q: Who have been your biggest influences in football, either directly or indirectly?

A:  My dad was a very big influence on me playing because he played in college.

Q: What is one moment in your football career that stands out to you the most? 

A: A moment that stands out for me is my pick-six this year.

Q: When football is over for your career, what do you think we’ll see you doing with your life? 

A: When football is over, I will probably try to play a sport in college like Mac or Westminster. 

Q: To all of the little ones that have dreams to do what you’re doing, what’s the best advice that you could give them? 

A: My best advice is to never take anything for granted. Play like it’s going to be the last time you will ever step out to play the sport you love again. Chaytin Lea Pursues New Challenges After Ste. Genevieve Football

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