Hillsboro Hawks Varsity Soccer Continues to Search For Winning Ways

On Saturday September 12th, the Hawks took the field against the Duchesee Pioneers to start their second game of the season.

On Saturday September 12th, the Hawks took the field against The Duchesee Pioneers to start their second game of the season. With rain pouring down and the ball staying true to touch, these boys pushed themselves to defend their homstadium.


The first half was filled with complete passes, triangle formation play and plenty of  breakaways with attempts to score a goal. Unfortunately, the Hawks weren’t able to break the Pioneers’ defensive line. Goal keeper, Gabe Perry, protected his net until min 20:58 when the Pioneer’s scored the first goal of the game. 


The Hawk’s defense stepped it up, and was able to keep the score 0-1 at half-time. It is notable to mention that Jason Hettel made his debut as starting centerback, taking on a different position than his normal goal keeper roleHe was able to clear the ball at crucial times, and his aggressiveness against the other team’s forwards kept them from scoring again during the first half.  


The Hawk’s offense made the Pioneer’s goalie work hard to earn this game. With multiple attempts to goal the boys drew the keeper off his line, but couldn’t seem to get the ball in the back of the net. At minute 14:40 center midfielder, Lawson Reichert, manufactured a two-touch move which lead to a clear breakaway towards the left half of the field. Reichert showed promise for the Hawks by changing the direction of the ball throughout the entire game. 


The Pioneer’s scored their second goal early in the second half at 30:50, but Hillsboro held their ground until the end. The final score was 0-2 dropping the Hawks’ record to 0-2. That being said, the varsity squad gave their full efforts on Wednesday and do not plan on stopping to lick their wounds, knowing they have work to do. 


Moving forward they will strive to maintain control of the ball and create plays that ultimately end with the ball in the back of the net… and will continue to make progress as they have a hunger for their first 2020 win. 

Hillsboro Hawks Varsity Soccer Continues to Search For Winning Ways
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